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Chris Hein - Orchestral Brass Complete

Chris Hein - Orchestral Brass Complete

Chris Hein Brass is a collection of 9 orchestral Brass instruments and

3 Brass Ensembles that sound lively and totally authentic.

Building an ensemble from the individual instruments sounds more cohesive than any other brass library, thanks to a brand new recording concept: 3 virtuoso brass players from the famous WDR symphony orchestra were recorded simultaneously in their natural ensemble, able to see and hear one another but acoustically separated. The resulting instruments gel together wonderfully as 3-piece ensembles whilst maintaining individual nuances.

Chris Hein pushed the players to their pitch and dynamic limits, resulting in almost 4 recorded octaves for Trombones & French-Horns (a whole octave lower than most other brass libraries).

16 articulations and 8 dynamic layers range from soft warmth to power-ful blasts. The phase-aligned samples give artefact free blending between the dynamic layers. Perfect for extreme crescendos.

True portamento transitions and other legato types allow for smooth transitions between notes.

Huge customization options utilize the fully-featured interface and intelligent Kontakt scripting.

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