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Chris Hein - Ensemble Strings EU Customers

Chris Hein - Ensemble Strings  EU Customers

Chris Hein - Ensemble Strings

is a designed Ensemble Strings Library featuring




The ensemble instruments have been mixed from a raw sample pool of over 120,000 samples ? but not using ensemble recordings, but from perfectly tuned and edited performances of solo players.


Unlike when recording a group of players simultaneously, we had perfect control over tuning, timing and character of each individual player in the ensemble.


These ensemble instruments are completely free of any players performance errors that plague many ensemble string libraries.


The samples have been carefully detuned, time shifted, positioned in the stereo field and mixed down to a 24 bit stereo mix.


This surgically detailed production process has resulted in a warm and rich symphonic string sound.  Two different section sizes have been created: ?Full? and ?Small? ensemble.

Also this method of mixing an ensemble from single solo instruments has allowed us to tailor a huge range of articulations which actually haven?t been recorded.

For example, the Pizzicato and Col Legno articulations are available in two versions: ?Loose? and ?Tight?, which have been achieved by shifting the timing of each individual samples in the ensemble.


Some cool mixing tricks provide unusual but useful articulations like:

Cluster  Clouds, Octaves, Repetitions and Runs.


There?s also a complete construction set of designed Sound FX.


Thanks to the unique production technique, the vast array of 32 articulations with up to eight dynamics and the many controls, Chris Hein Ensemble Strings is a very flexible tool to fit any musical style.

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