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Chris Hein - Solo Cello
European Customers.

Chris Hein - Solo Cello<br />European Customers.

Simply the best virtual Cello ever created!


Chris Hein - Solo Cello is a bundle of two fantastic sounding Solo Cello Instruments.

The two instruments in Chris Hein - Solo Cello have exactly the same features, but a completely different sound.

"Modern Cello" has a hifi sound with extreme dynamic and a precise and clear tone.

"Romantic Cello" has a more warm and rich sound. You can hear the old and noble wood.

Both instruments always sounds completely authentic both within an ensemble and performing solo. 

Chris Hein - Solo Cello outshines all previous Cello libraries. Never before, a sample library of this extent has been dedicated towards a single string instrument: Recorded with greatest care and endless details, precisely edited and merged into a practical and musical instrument for NI's Kontakt Player offering an elaborated custom-tailored user-interface with comprehensive scripting. Chris Hein ? Solo Cello features high-grade sound quality and incredible realistic articulations. This library offers everything you have been missing with previous virtual string instruments.

You receive over 24.000 samples (9,5 gigabytes of sample data), 38 articulations, four different legato transitions as well as extensive phase-alignment of all samples to guarantee smooth inaudible crossfades of up to eight velocity layers. This feature-set allows the creation of authentic viola-arrangements unprecedented on a computer.

This library benefits from producer Chris Hein's 30 years spanning experience in the field of sampling and library production, resulting in a product offering highest versatility, configurability and practical use.

Chris Hein - Solo Cello delivers outstanding, detailed and highly expressive results as a solo instrument or as part of an ensemble  in all relevant genres ranging from classical music and film scores to gypsy-jazz, folk and pop ballads.

And there is even more: Chris Hein - Solo Cello provides sound-designers, composers of film- and game soundtracks and experimental musicians with special effect-sounds and uncommon articulations with partly exceptional dynamics, such as flautando, flageolets and ponticello. Therefore, the pitch range of the virtual instrument has been expanded in comparison to the original violin. The special effect sounds are further supported by the internal tenfold DSP-effects-rack. Feel free to create complex sound clusters, dense atmospheres and surreal sound worlds out of a single Cello for incredible moments of suspense.

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